Customize Your Editing Education Experience with The Edit: Mini-Courses
We broke The Edit into 7 mini-courses, so you can take the lessons you need and leave what you don’t. We get that everyone is at different stages of their editing journey and knowledge. With this new set up, you can fully personalize your education experience and focus on the topics that are most important to you right now.
Here’s a rundown on how the mini-courses work:

- Take the quiz to see which mini-course(s) are a fit for you
- Select which mini-course(s) you’re ready to take now
- Have instant access to your selected mini-course(s) to work through at your own pace

BONUS: The Speed Mini-Course is absolutely FREE so you can get a feel for the mini-courses before purchasing.

Take the quiz to find what courses are a fit for you
How are the mini-courses different from The Edit? Let’s clear things up:

The Edit (full course)

8 Modules
60 lessons
5+ hours of education
Course-exclusive presets
Bonus module
Additional course add-ons

The Edit: Mini-Courses

7 separate mini-courses
Course-exclusive presets add-on available for specific mini-courses
Does not include bonus module
Does not include additional course add-ons

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The Speed

In this free mini-course, we will be talking about shortcut keys and import/export settings to speed up your editing workflow.

The Basics

In this mini-course I'm teaching you all the Lightroom basics. We'll walk through the basic panel, how to crop, make lens corrections and some general tips on how to tweak presets.

The Retouching

In this mini-course we’ll be focusing on retouching photos and removing distracting items with various tools inside Lightroom.

The Colors

In this mini-course we’re going to cover how to use the HSL and Calibration panel in Lightroom as well as how to nail skin tones in depth, and color grading.

The Details

In this mini-course, we’ll be focusing on details in photos that are often forgotten, but can take your images to the next level.

The Tone Curve

My goal is to help you feel confident and comfortable navigating the more complex tools Lightroom offers – starting with what we’ll be talking about in this mini-course – The Tone Curve.

The Light

In this mini-course I’m going to give you an overview of how you can overcome a variety of difficult lighting situations to achieve an exemplary edit.

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In case you're wondering
How are these mini-courses different from The Edit?
Let’s clear things up! The full course, The Edit, consists of 8 modules, 60 lessons, and 5+ hours of education. We took 7 modules in The Edit and broke them into mini-courses, so you can pick the topic(s) you want to learn, and leave the ones you don’t! The mini-courses don’t include the bonus module– you’ll get access to that module when you purchase the full course.
Can I still purchase The Edit in full?
For sure! If you’re ready to master Lightroom editing once and for all, The Edit full course is for you!
Do I still get access to the course-exclusive preset pack if I don’t buy The Edit in full?
You’ll automatically get access to the course-exclusive preset pack when you purchase The Edit in full, BUT you can add on the course-exclusive preset pack to The Basics or The Details Mini-Course for a discounted $75.
What if I purchase a mini-course, then decide I want to purchase the full course?
That’s a great question. For purchasing one (or more) mini-courses, we’ll send you a code to get 25% OFF, should you decide to purchase the full course down the road!
Will I get access to any additional courses/bonuses added to The Edit course?
You’ll only get access to additional courses/bonuses that are added to the full course when you purchase The Edit in full.
Is there a payment plan available for the mini-courses?
A payment plan is only available for The Edit (full course). You can purchase the full course for $599 or for 3 monthly payments of $220.


“I have purchased so many presets in the past, but never found one that made my images look how I wanted them to feel. This led to many inconsistencies in my editing style and left me feeling very confused, frustrated, and out more money. I decided to hire a photography mentor who introduced me to G-Presets and it absolutely has changed my business! I finally feel like I have the desired look that I have tried so hard to create on my own. These presets are incredible. I have used them in the red rock areas of the country, the wheat fields of the midwest, and the luscious tree filled mountainous areas and have had consistent results. I can't thank Greg enough for putting these together. It can be hard to share your craft with others. I loved them so much that when he came out with The Edit course, I knew I needed to take my game one step further and learn from the best. I am about halfway through the course and I am so glad I purchased it. I am learning so many different tweaks that I had no idea about. I cannot wait to see how my images turn out after I complete this course to it's entirety.”

Naomi Jemison @naomi_jemison

“I have been in business for 7 years, and I went to college for photography. I have already learned more from this course than my college education, several years of trial and error, and YouTube university has ever taught me. I love how you always make virtual copies to show the effects of everything you are doing. It is so helpful! My only teeny complaint is that sometimes you go a little fast, but other than that you are extremely detailed and I really appreciate that!”

Rachel Traxler @racheltraxler

"Okay wow... I thought I had a good idea of my editing UNTIL THIS COURSE 🤯 I'm always blown away by Greg and his knowledge and talent at his craft, and it definitely shows in this course! 10 years in the industry and I'm learning new editing tricks I've never known!!!"

Janna Kent @janna_a_kent

“Ok so here’s the deal. I thought I knew Lightroom… until I started this course. Even the little things Greg does while teaching blow my mind! This is the kind of course you can go back to time and time again, whenever you need a refresh in a certain area. I am so excited to start implementing my knowledge into my galleries!! THANK YOU GREG!”

Beba Vowels @bebavowels

"I haven't even gotten through it fully yet and this course is already insane. Greg is truly the mastermind of lightroom (and all things editing). Working with him the last few years creating my presets has been such a treat but having it all laid out here in a course is invaluable! He goes over SO much & I am so excited to continue to learn from him. Genuinely, there is no one else I would go to for lightroom knowledge. He does things in such a quick, yet efficient way and teaches all of that in this course. My biggest struggle has always been the tone curve so to watch him go through it in such an easy to learn way is truly going to change my editing game! If you're even entertaining the thought of getting this, then send it. You won't regret it one bit!"

Jon-o @heyjono

"There are tons of shortcuts and tricks most people never think of using that can speed up your workflow tremendously. It is SO helpful, whether you're a beginner or pro at editing. There's always something new to learn."