I have always had a hard time finding a black and white preset that worked with every type of lighting situation. Which is why I created these 4. Whether you're shooting indoors, outdoors, backlit, low-light, artificial light, one of these will work just perfect.

Included in this pack are 4 Lightroom presets, 4 Adobe Camera Raw Presets and a PDF guide for installation. The pack is 4 black & white presets.

I’ve included before and afters of each preset below. Keep in mind, these are one-click to show you exactly how they manipulate the image – exact same exposure on before and after.


Don’t forget to hashtag #gpresets I want to see everyone’s amazing work!

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GP-BW 01

I can pretty much use this one on any image. It bumps the shadows while keeping a deep contrast, mutes the highlights and adds grain.

GP-BW 02

This one has even more contrast with muted highlights as well as a bump in clarity. 


GP-BW 03

This black and white is very subtle and on the moodier side which I think works really well for shooting indoors.


GP-BW 04

I created this one for those really backlit sun-drenched shots. Deep blacks, bright highlights and lots of grain. It's probably my grittiest black and white but definitely one of my favorites.