This is my most simple pack yet! It preserves the most important tones and will give your images a more natural look. This is my first pack to include a Cool and Warm option for each preset. I've also included a few different tools to speed up your workflow!

Included in this pack are 14 Lightroom presets, 14 Adobe Camera Raw Presets, a PDF guide, and an Instructional Video for installation. The pack is 12 color presets, 2 black & white presets, and 6 tools presets.

I’ve included before and afters of each preset below. Keep in mind, these are one-click to show you exactly how they manipulate the image – exact same white balance and exposure on before and after.


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these presets are created for RAW images only and Are not meant to fix poorly lit images.

G - Simple 01

This preset is very vibrant with cool shadows and high contrast. It's a great all-around preset.

Befor & After

Cool vs. Warm

G - Simple 02

The greens and yellows get desaturated while preserving skin tones and blues. Also a great all-around preset.

Before & After

Cool vs. Warm

G - Simple 03

This one has warmer deep greens, and balances reddish skin tones. 

Before & After

Cool vs. Warm

G - Simple 04

I love this one for shots where you want a warmer look. Has great vibrance, contrast and warmth.

Before & After

Cool vs. Warm

G - Simple 05

This one cuts a lot of the harsh tones you get when shooting in forest/nature type settings. It's very desaturated but preserves skin tones.

Before & After

Cool vs. Warm

G - Simple 06

This is my favorite preset for intimate close up shots. It has slightly less contrast and is the most desaturated out of all of the presets. Which can result in beautiful brown tones by bumping the white balance temperature!

Before & After

Cool vs. Warm

G - Simple 07 B+W

This is an extremely versatile Black & White that I can use on pretty much any image. Has a pop of contrast and a pop in skin tones.

G - Simple B+W 08

I love this Black & White for scenery shots or anything that has detail in the background. Has great dynamic range as well as great contrast.

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