This new pack has a subtle edge to it with a soft warmth, muted highlights and cool greens. They work amazing for backlit shots that may lack in contrast. They also don't need a ton of tweaking since I created them with a very stylistic look.

Included in this pack are 6 Lightroom presets, 6 Adobe Camera Raw Presets and a PDF guide for installation. The pack is 5 color presets and 1 black & white preset.

I’ve included before and afters of each preset below. Keep in mind, these are one-click to show you exactly how they manipulate the image – exact same white balance and exposure on before and after.


Don’t forget to hashtag #gpresets I want to see everyone’s amazing work!

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This may be my new favorite preset. It has a bit lower of contrast with a beautiful subtle warmth that looks amazing for portraits.


This one has lower contrast, very desaturated greens and yellows, but keeps skin tones warm.


This one has amazing brown tones without adding too much red or magenta. Keeps the contrast but doesn't over do it.


This preset is is amazing for backlit shots where you need higher contrast and a bit more saturation. It adds a bit more warmth than G-3 and you'll notice it also mutes the highlights.


I love this one for sunset or anything backlit. It has high contrast, a bump in shadows, muted highlights and beautiful color. It has less warmth than any of the other presets.


This black and white is very subtle, low in contrast, and a great pop in skin tones.