I created this pack for different lighting situations I face while shooting indoors. These presets work great for weddings as well as in-home sessions.

Included in this pack are 5 Lightroom presets, 5 Adobe Camera Raw Presets and a PDF guide for installation. The pack is 4 color presets and 1 black & white preset.

I’ve included before and afters of each preset below. Keep in mind, these are one-click to show you exactly how they manipulate the image – exact same white balance and exposure on before and after.


Don’t forget to hashtag #gpresets I want to see everyone’s amazing work!

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This preset starts out very bright which allows you to really lower the exposure to create a very moody look. It also cuts out a lot of the yellow tones you may get from artificial lighting and color casts in a room. 


This is a great all around preset that saves highlights, removes yellows, adds contrast and keeps skin saturated.


I love how soft and subtle this preset it is. I mostly use this for detail shots as well as harsh light coming from artificial lighting or a window.


This one was created for indoor receptions but is also great if you're looking to make your whites a bright white. Whether you're shooting in ambient light or using a flash, it only takes a white balance tweak to get it right. Keep in mind the before and after images below have the same White balance and Exposure so you can see how it really cuts out that yellow.


This black and white is very subtle which I think works really well for shooting indoors.